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Varun Dhawan’s second entry into cinema left me with mixed reactions. It is obvious that Balaji has wanted to bring back that classic slightly crazy and goofy comedy genre previously seen in the films of David Dhawan and Govinda, something this movie had a lot of and if you leave logic at the door, you are sure to laugh yourself silly.

Seenu (Varun Dhawan) reaches Bengaluru with the hope of getting a college degree. However his plans quickly change and he attempts to woo Sunaina (Ileana D’ Cruz), who is being agrieved by bulky policeman (Arunoday Singh).
Then a love triangle forms, with the appearance of Ayesha(Nargis Fakhri) who who too plays for Seenu’s affection, and then things get a bit complicated.

Varun kills it as the over flamboyant zany Seenu, managing to carry off the Bollywood staples of a dance number and a completely OTT fight sequence, did I mention that a great deal of screen time is given to his 6 pack?What’s not to like about that ? Anupam Kher as Vikrant the gangster and Ayesha’s(Nagris Fakhri) father adds something hilarious to this comedy caper. The movie clearly relies on performances from the cast to play to the somewhat crazy screenplay, did I mention even Lord Krishna has a cameo with the lines ‘Seenu tu galat samajh raha hai, phool to hawa se gir gaya tha’.

The second half of the movie is much weaker than the first, it just has way too many subplots, and a number of characters that come out of the woodwork. Like I said leave logic and reason at the door. The songs were very catchy, and obviously launching the soundtrack 3 weeks in advance did much to get songs like ‘Palat’ in everyone’s head. Seenu singing Bhole Mera Dil Maane Naa the parody of Batameez Dil from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was very funny.

Be warned, this movie is not for everyone, at moments I was wondering to myself what on Earth was going on, If you are looking for a nice serious movie, this is not it. There were definitely some parts I liked more than others, and a few chuckles here and there. It’s a David Dhawan film, so there maybe a few in appropriate gags here and there, and to be honest probably one of those movies that I’d watch on Sony Max or B4U on a Sunday if it was on.I’d rate it about 3/5.

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