Why is Candy Crush so addictive?

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Whether played as a timepass or to fufil the gaming hole in your life,it is likely that you have played/ or been asked to play one of the thousands of games that exists on the Facebook platform. You for sure would have come across the Candy Crush Saga by King.

As per Facebook stats, Candy Crush Saga has a monthly usage of 100,000,000, thats more than the population of some major countries. The maker of the game King who went IPO last week,produce other games such as Pet Rescue Saga, which works off a similar premise to Candy Crush. The format of Candy Crush is somewhat simple, arranging different coloured candies in trio or more, the more candies the more points you get, until you reach the aim of the level, which is specified before you start playing. It all seems fun, until you reach that unachievable level, oh the frustration of making a wrong move… Be warned, you can spend hours trying to get past some of the harder levels.

The ability to send your friends extra moves,candies boosters or the ability to move to the next stage of the game, are in my opinion a better use of the dreaded game request notification. Reaching far beyond the Facebook platform, the game is available on IOS, Android and Kindle,making it easier to continue your Candy Crush Saga anywhere you choose, you’d be amazed how many people you see playing said game waiting to see the dentist, ironically visiting due to the non virtual kind of candy.

Clearly with the recent introduction of the daily booster, the wheel of fortune of boosters you desperately need to become unstuck on that dastardly difficult level, a candy hammer to smash that last vexing piece of jelly, a striped candy and wrapper to get the last of those troublesome order levels, and various other useful tools. Introduced around the first anniversary of launch, I believe its prolonged appearance within the game has been something of a masterstroke by King, to combat the ills that have ailed previous popular games *cough* Farmville *cough* of players becoming bored with the concept and moving on.

Another reason for it’s continued success, clearly lies with the ability of players to see their progress in comparison to Facebook friends, not only does it promote a dare I say it healthy competition, but could potentially create a talking point amongst friends, i.e ‘ Hey, how did you finish that level’, who knew it Candy Crush – popular game,moneyspinner for it’s creator and friendship saver. Ok that’s taking it to an extreme but honestly, if you are anything like me, you’ll end up playing and playing until you beat the score of your facebook friend.

An annoying point I must add here, is the wait for new lives to appear, imagine you finally figure out how to beat the impossible level and then what, you are out of lives, then you gotta wait another 20 mins. I do suppose this encourages taking breaks from playing but none the less annoying. However, if you want if don’t want to wait you can always shelve out a little to get a set of new lives.

Candy Crush Saga is immensely popular, taking my Facebook friends as a sample, at least 70% play Candy Crush, but I have been few players over the age of 40 playing.

So i guess the reason for Candy Crush Saga being so addictive is three fold:

i)Simplicity of gameplay
Play on phones, laptops, tablets etc. Easy game premise.

ii) Easy connectivity to Facebook

See how your friends are faring, ask for help if needed, get lives/boosters send to you from friends.

iii) Creates a air of competition
Competition between friends,finishing levels before others.

Do you play Candy Crush Saga? Do you find it addictive? Post in the commments section below.

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