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YouTube is 10 years old next year, and provided its users with a great deal of entertainment, whether watching clips of your favourite show or catching the latest new music video.The video sharing site that coined the term ‘Viral Video’ has made celebs out of some of the most unlikeliest people.

So here is a recommendation of videos you should see


1. ‘Charlie bit my finger again’ – Uploaded by HDCYT

Uploaded in 2007, the short 55 second video of a boy being bitten by his baby brother Charlie, has 700 million views.. yeah I don’t get it either.But none the less these two kids have become something of social media folklore, you can even get t-shirts.

2. The Evolution of Dance

The evolution of dance is essentially a video of a man taking the audience through the evolution of dance. Props must be given to this man though, dancing every major dance craze including Michael Jackson’s thriller to Mc Hammer’s can’t touch this, with a brief segment of everyone’s favorite the chicken dance. First uploaded in 2006, it was one of the first videos I ever watched on YouTube, and with over 250 million views it’s still a youtube favourite.

3.Je m’appelle Funny Bear

I think it’s memories of the Rugrats and their various mentions of the Gummybears, but when I came across this I had to awww. It’s 2 mins and 43 seconds of a bear saying ‘Je m’appelle Funny Bear’ it does get kind of annoying after the first 20 seconds, i do wonder why it has 161 million views?

4. My parents reacting to YouTube comments – ||Superwoman||

Canadian Lily Singh aka Superwoman, is known for her comedic takes on daily life. You have to watch them, her videos are hilarious mostly because they are all so true. Fair warning, some of her videos are a tad unsuitable to watch in front of parents(but are so damn funny).Lily’s viral videos have been shown on the Ellen show and are extremely popular…she even got Madhuri Dixit in one of her videos. Basically check out any of her videos, they are all very good.

5.Will it blend? – Blendtec

Answering one of life’s greatest questions.. will random stuff blend? The premise of the ‘will it blend’ series by Blend-tec is simply anything from an iPad to a pool cue and a blender.Disclaimer here..don’t try this stuff at home, your gadgets will be destroyed and your warranty nulled. Anyways i always wanted to know what an iPhone smoothie looked like.. DON’T DRINK THAT STUFF EITHER!

Well those are a couple of many billions of videos that are up on YouTube that are a good way to kill some time watching. Post a comment and let me know what you are watching.

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