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The CW Television Network aired the new promo of The Vampire Diaries – Resident Evil. Paul Wesley took over directing duties for the episode (Season 5, episode 18) and he couldn’t be more excited for fans to see all his hard work pay off.

The Vampire Diaries will be toying with the love triangle once again. Stefan and Elena are having visions… for each other? In The Vampire Diaries – Resident Evil promo, both Stefan and Elena start to have visions of each other and Damon can’t help.

In the vision, it appears that Elena sees herself and Stefan as a family with kids running around their house. Alerted to this weird situation, Damon can’t help but tease Elena about her sex dreams with Stefan.

Now, ever since The Vampire Diaries – Resident Evil promo was aired, Some fans are welcoming the change in the storyline others are opposed.

A TVD fan wrote on Youtube recently, “OMG you know I ship both Delena and Stelena, even Delena more but oh my goooosh that looks amazing!!! Stelenaaaaa, babies <33333 love them and glad to see them happy! ”- @KatrinTeam

A Delena fan wrote that, “Even though I am a Delena shipper, why do I like this teaser so much? It is just sosweet that Elena with Stefan or Doppleganger Doc or Even the future doppleganger version of Elenabeing all humanly together. Maybe because Stefan is too kind and he loves Elena so damn much that I can’t disagree they being together.” – @melfiana

Another fan was even more specific, “I feel Stefan is to good for her and for her to cheat on him was wrong. (Just how i feel) But sense then I have been a sorta a Delena fan and hoping Stefan and Elena don’t get back together but seeing this is so damn adorable, I swear it is. Now i kinda want more. 😀 (this episode might just change my entire opinion) .”- 123lalarose

A Stelena fan tweeted that, “Asking me to stop watching the 5×18 promo is like asking me to stop breathing. Impossible.”- @PaulSaRunDrish

On the matter of Stelena, Julie Plec agreed that, “We dig deep into this idea of the universe drawing them together. It leads Elena and Stefan to a lot of conversations to their love story and free will.” It was a possibility especially as the universe seems to want that to happen.

The Vampire Diaries is back with all new episodes Thursday, April 17!


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