The Originals : Long Way Back From Hell to Moon Over Bourbon Street

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To be honest, I side with Rebekah. She did try to call of the Mikael hit on Klaus but that didn’t work. She went through hell when she had to relive those torturous moments. I believe she desire a chance of happiness away from Klaus.

Finally Elijah is really clear on the fact that Klaus is the evil guy? I am so proud of Elijah.

I love the sadistic side of Klaus. That smile after Rebekah started to fight back… amazing. He is the best anti-hero ever.

It’s a very common thing to see that your own father has ruined the person that you are, and it makes sense with Klaus. I believe that he used to be a good person, and even though he can’t blame Mikael for all of the horrible things he is done before, there are still things that became what it was because of Michael.

It was so good to see Elijah kill that witch. Now Davina is back but she shouldn’t be as powerful as she was.

Whoa! I can’t believe Claire Holt (Rebekah) quit the show. It’s not really The Originals with only 2 originals lol. It would create some wicked if Fin and Kol were still alive, During their short time on the Vampire Diaries their characters were awesome and I liked it. Young Klaus and Lil Rebekah are so cute and the love there was amazing. Although I am sad that Claire Holt is leaving, I am glad Rebekah can finally be happy.

If there is anybody who’s been through hell and back is Cami and she is only human still!

Klaus doesn’t really trust anyone, but if there was one person he knows won’t turn on him, It’s Elijah. It was cool seeing Elijah in charge, but I know that Klaus probably has a plan up his sleeve.

Not sure what Klaus is up to but maybe he’s just pissed at everyone except the wolves because they did not have a part in all the shit that happened. Klaus with Genevieve? Grrr! I Can’t wait to see her die.

Loving the jealous side of Elijah over Hayley. I still believe she will be with him over Jackson. And Davina’s new best gay friend saves her from herself.

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