Insatiable – Teen Wolf

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OMG NO! That made me cry. That was so sad. I can’t believe that they killed off Allison. I just hope to God they don’t get all TVD on us and start bringing people back from the dead. Wait, WHAT? Crystal Reed wanted to be written out the show and She choose this way?


I don’t understand what all the melodramatic whining is about! This is a show about Supernatural and Dark Creatures. What did everyone expect? That no one would ever die? Regardless of whether or not Crystal Reed wanted to be written out of the show, I am glad that, the writers had the opportunity to kill off a lead character. That is what good writing is all about because it incorporates a sense of reality.

I am so impressed with the balls of the writers. There was no way I thought they would kill off Allison. If anyone, I thought Isaac was going and let’s be honest, apart from being cute to look at he adds NOTHING to this show anymore. Well, in my opinion anyway.


Okay, so I know this episode has bought up far more questions that they have answered in the last couple of weeks.

I would still very much like to know why Kira’s mother looks the way she does now. I also want to know what happened with Peter and his hunt for his were coyote daughter, who was shooting at the twins and what Chris Argent isn’t telling us. Finally, are they ever going to get around to explaining who was torturing Derek and Peter at the beginning of season 3b? Lots of gaps need filling in but I certainly enjoyed this episode.



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