Interview with a Fangirl

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Noun: fangirl; plural noun: fangirls; noun: fan-girl; plural noun: fan-girlsA female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction.

They reside in every walk of life, they are students, doctors, teachers, lawyers and bankers, and can range from ages 8-80.  Their fascination anything to do with their idol. I often wonder exactly how a casual fan can become a fangirl, so I did something crazy, I took to my Twitter (domain of the fangirl) to delve into the habits of an average Fangirl and discovered the following:

1.They love to trend.


On Twitter, trending topics are those ranked on their popularity. On the Wednesday evening that I began to write this post, particular trends focused on those pesky one-direction boys Liam and Harry. While on the other side of the world in India, famous TV personality and former Naach Baliye 5 contestant Kunwar Amar’s fans made themselves heard with #WeLoveKunwarAmar trending. And sometimes you see trends that you wouldn’t think would trend in that location but do, truly reflecting the diversity of some fandoms.

2. Fan edits are popular way of showcasing fan’s talents


A fan edit is a picture showcasing a fan’s idol, which has been creatively edited. These edits are prevalent, and speaking from personal experience the feeling of your idol seeing that edit is better than chocolate ice cream. This creativity doesn’t stop with pictures; some fans have gone on to create ‘Video Mixes’ or VM’s for short. These VM’s are amazingly detailed and if you type in the name of a celebrity or show, you will probably find hundreds of these VM’s.

 3. These girl’s love their merchandise


T-shirts, Posters, Key chains? Some of the most ardent fans take pride in decking themselves in all things marked with the name or face of their star.

4.Fan clubs exist!


Every star, even those not active on twitter ranging from Chase Crawford to Barun Sobti has a fan club followed by tens of thousands! These fan clubs are a great source of info on said celebrity, and even if there isn’t much info, there are always tonnes of pretty pictures to make you sigh.


5. Sometimes it gets crazy


help you should you attract the ire of an ardent fangirl!  As Star Plus found out in Nov 2012, never a good idea to hurt the sentiments of a fandom, some fans are willing to go to the ends of the Earth. Furthermore if you badmouth or ‘bash’ their favourite celebrity you are in for trouble, as explained by Fangirl S, who told me it was a ‘what the’ moment when ‘ we got bashed out of nowhere’.

Another fangirl, Fangirl C told me that she once sent followers to the hotel of her favourite actor, who was shooting on location, despite living all the way in the UK, just after reading a few reports that he was feeling unwell. It’s not completely unheard of either to camp outside a hotel where a star stays just to catch a glimpse.

6.Fictional couples have their own Fandoms


I won’t go into the whole Stelena/Delena thing here, but for every TV romance, I guarantee there will be an online presence of fans. These fans have proved essential for show makers, who have themselves admitted to going online to gauge reactions to their most recent episodes, if not launching campaigns on social media directed at these fans. The recent midseason premiere of Grey’s Anatomy had #Japril and #TeamJackson trending worldwide. Let it be said the feedback isn’t always positive for producers.


7.If you can’t tell already their love for their star knows no bounds.


As Fangirl S told me when I asked her what the best thing was about her hero, she replied simply ‘everything, he is just my perfect man’. These fans are dedicated to the cause, Fangirl S continued to say that she felt that since joining the twitter based Sobtians she found her love for said star increasing day by day.

8.They speak a different language

If you are not a part of a fandom, it may take some time and study to understand the vernacular of a fangirl. Every fandom has different slang, and an outsider may ask themselves ‘ Who or what is Balwant Kaur?’,

9.’Fangirling’ is time consuming

Be warned, if you wish to become a fangirl you may need to rearrange your schedule. ‘Fangirling’ can take place at any time, very early morning or right in the middle of your working day. Timings are not very precise, especially if the majority of your fandom is based abroad. Should a news story break about in the middle of the night, it’s a safe bet you’re not getting any sleep !

10.Once you are in it’s hard to leave

Self explanatory, the love these girl’s have for their fandom has very few if any terms and conditions.Today only I was discussing the prospect of fangirling at 70+ with our zimmerframes with a friend; I’m quite certain this a reality for many,images of elderly ladies heading in their droves to the concerts of a well known crooner, spring to mind.

My motives to write this post stemmed from wanting to know why someone becomes a fangirl and it is a mixed bag. There is an old phrase that says there is strength in numbers, and perhaps this is the main attraction of being a fangirl the community of each fandom, holds a comfort level where fans are free to express their views, creativity and love for their star, there is always someone to talk to, or a friend to help you cheer when your star signs a movie deal. Sometimes it’s when your hero leaves a show, and it feels like your world is crumbling, there is someone who feels exactly the same way.  It seems that the world of a fangirl can be extremely happy at one point and worrying the next.They are some of the most loyal people I have ever come across, and sometimes a common love for a star leads to a lifelong friendship.

In the stressful world we live in, maybe its good to take a flight out of reality every once and a while, kick back in front of your TV or laptop and get carried away ! It certainly is a fascinating lifestyle to keep, and although there are no official studies on whether it increases your life expectancy, it certainly is fun and keeps life interesting.





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