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Gone Girl!

Poor Nadia Petrova, I wish she lived! All we know about her is that she was Katerina Petrova (Katherine Pierce) ‘s daughter, searching for her mother for 500 years.  I wish they told us more about her. I liked her for Matt Donovan, because he mostly needs protection and she could be somebody who could always be there for him. It was like they both understood each others pain. Katherine Pierce should have died when everybody gave her a farewell good bye. Instead they dragged it, made her look like a worse-er person and now they wanted to get rid of her. Can’t believe Stefan Salvatore was the one. I loved them both so much.

On the other hand, what Damon Salvatore did to Dr. Wes, WOW! That’s so Damon Salvatore! I mean wow, I just had to look away! I know.. I know Dr. Wes did that to others but I thought Damon Salvatore had some humanity left after all. Anyway, Stefan Salvatore’s face when he stabbed Katherine Pierce was very regretful but he knew it had to be done to get Elena Gilbert back.

TVD has a thing about dropping subjects. Like they dropped Stefan Salvatore’s PSTD like nothing. Katherine Pierce helped him through the whole thing but than they suddenly dropped that too. Dr. Wes said there is no Augustine Vampire? What?! We waited whole season to find out about it to only find out there wasn’t such thing to start off with? Wait.. Wait..  Enzo is the Augustine Vampire?!

Elena Gilbert is back, but she’s now been injected with the vampire-eating virus that Damon Salvatore has been suffering with. Katherine Pierce’s evil plan was a good one. It caught me a little off guard but I think as an evil plan it would have been better if she had not spilled her guts to Bonnie Bennett . The ending was CRAZY! I never expected that to happen to Katherine Pierce! She has gone to Hell ot The Vampire Diaries’ version of the dark side/world. So, that they can keep Katherine Pierce around? We might not see her soon but we will see her again. I am gonna miss you, Kat! 🙁

I am glad that Caroline Forbes finally explained Tyler Lockwood and taught him a lesson on why she slept with Klaus. The entire episode I didn’t even think that Nadia Petrova died because of Tyler Lockwood. Sigh!

Can’t wait for next week!

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