Meeting Ranbir Kapoor – Part 1

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As you know I’ve very recently rediscovered a passion for Bollywood…and if you know me well enough you know the reason..yep that soap star that is due to make his way into Bollywood later this year… but I digress….This past week i got to be in the audience for BBC Asian Network’s conversation with Ranbir Kapoor.
Ranbir Kapoor – *Sigh*
With movies such as ‘Barfi’ and ‘Wake Up Sid’ being some of my faves, imagine my surprise when I was browsing online and sound that one of my favourite actors the very handsome Ranbir Kapoor was to be in my hometown, to promote his new movie ‘Besharam’ along with his parents and co-stars Neetu and Rishi Kapoor. Even more to my delight was the fact that the BBC Asian Network was offering some lucky fans the opportunity to be in the audience for the recording of ‘ In Conversation with Ranbir Kapoor’, so quicker than you could say ‘Barfi’ i logged onto the BBC website and sent in an application for tickets. The ticket ballot would close on Tuesday, that was Thursday, how could I live in this uncertainty for so long?!
Besharam – Movie Poster
In the meantime I was telling the entire social media universe that I was hopefully gonna meet Ranbir, and requests came in for autographs from various friends in the UK, India,South Africa and the US. Then finally Tuesday came, and I was checking my email at least every hour, worried that somehow I would miss the tickets in my junk mail filter. But alas no reply….*Main Parashan..parshan*Then Wednesday Morning I got the all important email from BBC offering their congratulations my application was successful ! A quick check on Twitter(After jumping in excitement for a minute) showed I was lucky, a lot my friends were not able to get tickets, but as it turned out this still was no guarantee of seeing the Yeh Deewani Hai Jawani actor.
So Friday came, the show scheduled to start recording at 4pm, and anticipating train delays and the crowds that would enviably be at the BBC, we set off early into central London.
At about 2.30PM we arrived at the new BBC building(which is amazing by the way), once past the security we saw the crowds.

BBC Weather being filmed

The entrance to the studio where the show would take place was already surrounded by eager fans, mostly women but some guys too, bare in mind this was still over an hour before we could enter, most people eagle eyed to spot RK , I overheard one lady ask the attendant if ‘ this was where he would enter from?’
RK Fans wait outside
The wait went pretty quickly, we saw the BBC weather being filmed and a bottle of coke and a cookie later it was almost time to go in. Leaving my cousin to sit for a while I went to the explore the cafe place where we were made to wait, I found a lady working for the BBC, she was asking various people whether they wanted to ask a question.. I went up to the lady and asked if I could ask a question, smiling away she took down my name on the sheet along and asked for my question. Talk about putting me on the spot, to be honest I hadn’t thought of a question, and remembering my previous experience of meeting Sanaya Irani last year I used the same question. Then came the surprise, ‘If you question is picked, you’ll have to get up and ask him’… I’m seriously shy at the best of times, I might faint this time.. but thinking positively I nodded.
While waiting, this time near the entrance door I ended up talking to a journalist, he started asking me about Bollywood, my favourite RK movie, If I thought he would bring back the RK banner… i I dropped in my suggestion that he should work along with Shahid Kapoor in an Andaaz Apna Apna remake.
The seats we called in rows of 1-50 and so on, and where was I seat 136!?Btw at this point my live updates on Twitter and Facebook had caught the attention of some, of course posting ‘OMG OMG OMG’ people have to ask right? So finally before my row was to be called, an announcement was made for all those who submitted questions to come, apparently we had a special row, midway through the BBC’s radio theatre. As I walked in, what else was playing ‘Khuda Jaane’ the song i’d been singing and annoying everyone with since Wednesday !My phone still buzzing from all the social networking notifications. Luckily, my cousin was in the seat just in front of me as it turned out 🙂
Excitement in the theatre was palpable.. even the guy sitting next to me, Raj as he found out his name was had told me that he had paid about £200 just to go to the press conference the day before !
Anyways, Raj and Pablo, presenters from BBC Asian Network came out and announced that we were the ‘special’ ones that got tickets as thousands had applied ! Then we were told we had to turn our phones off due to the recording beginning… did anyone listen… um no…
Raj and Pablo introduce the show
Then out he came out…*dhak dhak… dhak dhak* to massive cheers, screams and applause….
continued next part… what did Ranbir say? Did my question get asked? What is Besharam? …What is with the gold catsuit?

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