Bhoothnath Returns – Review

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To start of, no you don’t have to have seen the first movie to know whats going on. Same old bhoot played by Amitabh Bachchan, back in time for election season !

Taking place after his last visit to Earth, Bhoothnath returns to ‘Bhoothworld’ where ghosts live in luxury.Teased by his ‘bhooth’ peers, Bhoothnath is teased for his inability to scare children, somewhat borrowing a plot from Monster’s inc. Unfortunately, the wait to be reborn is a long one,apparently the longer the better and you are reincarnated as a pet in Bollywood.

So anyway Bhoothnath gets a chance to come down to Earth for ‘Scarefest. While there he meets Zesty, Slumboy, Tapori and Akhrot, the later who has an extraordinary ability to see ghosts. Together they somewhat rip of another Hollywood plot ‘Ghostbusters’ to remove ghosts from haunted buildings, and also doing their bit to keep to save the enviroment.

Grasping everyone’s favourite topic this year(corruption), the gang soon comes across nasty politican Bhau(played by Boman Irani) and with some cajoling Bhoothnath agrees to contest elections( move over Kejriwal). Becoming a celebrity ghost, and teaming up with a few cameos here and there Bhootnath takes the election trail by storm.

I really liked the first movie, it was very endearing, and it’s sequel starts off with a similar feeling. The friendship between the bhooth and the boy is heartfelt awww. The first half is well written and witty, but with the right mix of emotion and humour. However, towards the end, it just seems like a public service announcement on how to vote !.

Sadly, the preachiness takes away something from the amazing performances and the humnour doesn’t quite hit you as it should.While it tries to mix humour with politics and is obviously timed to coincide with the Indian elections, Bhoothnath returns isn’t really a political thriller, if you are looking for that go watch Satyagraha or Rajneeti.

Bachchan is a really good actor, and he doesn’t disappoint in his second apperance as the lovable bhooth, however there are certain flat points which could be attributed to holes in the screenplay. Boman Irani is also at his commedic best, but a little over the top at points
But by far the best proformance has the be Parth Bhalerao, he makes the film what it is. An air of charm, energy and unquestionable confidence is amazing.

It’s a fun movie which would appeal to kids more than adults, but carries a important message for adults too. On entertainment value is lacks here and there, but clearly it has been made to give a message – go to the voting b(h)ooth(pardon the pun) or as Bhoothnath says be haunted by bad governance.

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