5 Things I Like From Gucci

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The premier Italian brand name is a key name in luxury brands, founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci retailing everything from apparel to perfume. The ‘GG’ monogram is instantly recognisable and admired world over, and who doesn’t like carrying those gold coloured shopping bags. Here are 5 things I like at Gucci.

1.Bamboo shopper leather tote

I’ve always been a fan of Gucci’s handbags, very elegant and you can pretty much use them on any occasion.I really like this one, it’s size 28cm x 22cm is ideal for carrying your basics in the day, and for going out in the evening. The contrast between the pink and light gold hardware works very well. Gucci’s bamboo theme is included with the handle which all together gives it a contemporary yet colonial look. If bright pink isn’t your colour there are 5 different variations in this design.Priced at £1200 it’s something I would buy.

2.Lady Lock leather handle bag

Another bag ! I did say I like them ! Once again incorporating a slightly darker bamboo handle with dark blue leather body, and rhodium lock hardware. The bag is different to a lot in the market, and that is it’s strongest point. It’s a little bit more expensive that the previous bag at £1610 but is bigger at 35cmx26cm. It is also available in a few other colours.

3. Heartbeat print leather pouch

This maroonish little pouch is very cute. Small details such as the tassles on the zip sell it for me.The pink hearts are offset by the maroon background and gold zip. At £290 I wouldn’t use it for makeup, but it might be useful to carry as a clutch.

4.Briefcase canvas GG 

Featuring Gucci’s traditional tan and brown coloured monogram as well as the green and red stripe symbolic of Gucci. This briefcase can be carried as by both men and women and doesn’t have to be used as a briefcase, you could use it as travel bag. With a padded compartment especially designed for laptops, as well as enough room to fit a mobile phone and a few essentials. £950 isn’t too bad for such a size briefcase.

5.Holiday Print Silk Scarf

I found this scarf really sweet. The parasol and beach ball motifs definitely give a holiday vibe. I particularly like the pink and white stripes. The silk is very soft and easily wearable with any outfit,or tie it around the handles of your handbag. At £265 it’s not cheap but can be worn time and time again.

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