5 Things I Like From Burberry

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Burberry founded in 1865, has rapidly become a fashion staple for those wanting high quality elegant clothing and accessories. However after some years of being associated with poor knockoffs, the brand has emerged and continues to grow from success to success. Currently Burberry and it’s three brands, are available globally in 473 locations, including the simply amazing flagship store in Regent Street London. Here are 5 things i like at Burberry.

1. Check Wool Cashmere Crinkled Scarf

Priced at £265, this scarf features Burberry’s traditional check and is light enough to wear in either Autumn or Spring. Pair it up with a pair of ballet flats and a trench/mac coat and you are good to go.

2. Seersucker check cotton tunic

Once again, it has the check print, and its pink !! Pair it with jeans or anything and you could go for a formal or a more relaxed outfit. However for £195, i probably wouldn’t wear it while doing laundry.

3. The Sandringham Heritage Trench Coat

The item synonymous with Burberry the trench coat. I love trench coats they are so versatile, you could practically wear it with anything ! If you are getting such a coat, you may as well buy a Burberry trench. The price is a steep £1,095.. yikes ! Best start saving then.

4. English Floral Lace Pencil Skirt.

I don’t really wear skirts, but this one was so pretty ! Coupling a lovely shade of blue with an elegant floral lace, which would be perfect for the coming Spring/Summer. Pencil skirts have the unique ability to suit any body type, coupled with the delightful pattern would be flattering to anyone.

5. Garbardine Bowling Bag,

Let it be said, I’m not the biggest fan of Burberry’s bags, but this caught my eye. There is no check ! But the familiar preppy beige more than makes up for it ! It’s a graceful bag and deceptively large enough to carry your essentials and then some, at £850 its on the lower price end of luxury bags.

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